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Raquelle began taking opioids after a tractor-trailer rear-ended her car, causing back pain. And like so many others, she became addicted to the medication that was supposed to help.

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When it comes to running in big races, every second matters. When something is wrong with your body, it’s easy to notice when running long distances. Foot and ankle, knee, hip and lower back injuries are very common in runners.

Sara is an avid runner who had a goal to run a half marathon. Her training was cut short after a bout a back pain with numbing and tingling symptoms traveling down her leg kept her from lacing up her shoes.

As Sara worked with Physical Therapist Courtney Churchill at the Saco Bay Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy center in Hampden, ME, her symptoms began to diminish and her training resumed. Since her last visit, Sara was able to train for 6-7 weeks for a half marathon that took place in Key West, FL. Even after her setback with injury, Sara was able to run a personal best at her half marathon!


Lillian Green has been a patient of ours for many years. She started therapy in our old location on Park Street in Saco years ago and had a successful and positive experience.

She then came back to Saco Bay at our Cascade center for care following surgery on her hip and osteoporosis. While she loved it there, she had just had brain surgery and needed a quieter environment with less stimuli. Jess Peters, patient service specialist, encouraged Lillian to try our North Street location instead, and even helped to schedule her appointment for the next day. 

Lillian met her physical therapist, Cam Willette, and said “it’s like coming home.” Cam not only helped Lillian through the rehabilitation process, but he worked on making her stronger for her next brain surgery. Lillian said she considers Cam to be as important in her care as her brain surgeon. “I mean that with my whole heart. I can put my trust in you.” 

Not only does Lillian put her trust in Cam, she loves the entire North Street team. “Saco Bay does something different. You care about your patients. You keep your center clean and safe (even before COVID-19). “When I pick up the phone and call, you answer the phone. That works for me.”



Michael is a Maine native and welder by trade. He’s always lived an athletic life and enjoyed going to the gym and playing various sports. However, due to the physical labor that goes into his profession, Michael developed a long-term case of arthritis. To improve his range of motion and get back to work, athletics and daily life, Michael had total shoulder replacement surgery.

Once he started his recovery journey, Michael sought help from Scott Lavallee, P.T., CSCS, at our Saco Cascade Road center. Scott educated him on proper stretches and exercises to keep his shoulder limber, and Michael is now back in the gym with excellent range of motion. Of his time with Saco Bay, Michael said, “I’ve learned that we are only limited by ourselves and to stick with the program, keep a good attitude and stay positive.”

Well done, Scott, and thank you, Michael, for sharing your story! We are proud to have helped you return to the life you love.



“After a bad side-effect from cancer treatment drugs, my legs felt and acted like rubber. Saco Bay in Kennebunk was recommended to me mostly because of their ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation program to help with my breast cancer. At first the thought of physical therapy didn’t thrill me, though I knew I had to go. It started slow for me, but I had a great therapist, Sarah Gleeson, DPT, who was enthusiastic, pleasant and knowledgeable. My attitude soon changed and I felt at ease with her and made a new and close friend. The results speak for themselves: I can now get up by myself, as well as dress and perform everyday functions!”
Thank you so much, Priscilla, for all of the kind words. Your story is truly inspiring and the bond you and Sarah share is something that can’t be matched! 


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