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A specialized program for adults and children affected by pelvic floor dysfunction

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When you experience pelvic floor dysfunction — frequent bathroom visits, leaking, constipation, pelvic pain or pressure — it can feel like your quality of life has diminished.

There’s no need to suffer in silence.

Yet, many people do.

They are hesitant to share their concerns and, when they finally do, often wait several weeks (or months) for an appointment with a pelvic health therapist.

Why wait?

Starting the conversation with your health care provider is the first step to improving your pelvic health, so you can get back to the activities you love.

Dedicated pelvic floor physical therapy

CoreVia Pelvic Health is a specialized program providing care — and relief — to men, women and children. Our patients have access to specially trained and highly skilled pelvic health physical therapists.

Through CoreVia, you will receive the most effective pelvic health therapy — at the right time — to help you feel your best.

How CoreVia helps

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles, ligaments and tissue that form a sling to support the pelvic organs and spine, and help with control and coordination of bowel, bladder and sexual function. Pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) describes bowel and bladder disorders, sexual disorders and chronic pelvic pain syndromes that affect, or are caused by, the pelvic floor muscles’ inability to contract or relax appropriately.

The following conditions may benefit from pelvic health physical therapy:

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  • Urinary urgency, frequency or pain 
  • Incontinence of bowel or bladder
  • Incomplete emptying of the bowel or bladder
  • Constipation
  • Low back or tailbone pain
  • Separation of the abdominal wall
  • Pain in the pelvic region, genitals or rectum
  • Discomfort with intimacy or exams
  • Muscle spasm in the lower abdomen or pelvis
  • Pressure or heaviness in the pelvic region or rectum
  • Pregnancy/post-partum, menopause or painful periods

The CoreVia difference

CoreVia Pelvic Health’s hallmark is clinical expertise, timely access and specialized care. Our pelvic health therapists have advanced clinical skills and specialized pelvic floor training that enables them to assess and treat symptoms related to pelvic health conditions.

Upon your first visit, we evaluate your pelvic health function and develop a plan of care to meet your specific goals. This care plan will include pelvic floor exercises just for your needs.

We then monitor your progress throughout care and adjust your treatment plan as needed. We also communicate with your physician, providing ongoing updates.

Stop suffering in silence. 

Trust CoreVia Pelvic Health to listen and help you heal.

Request an appointment with a pelvic health physical therapist today and receive the emotional and physical support you deserve.

*The CoreVia Pelvic Health program is available at select locations.

Raquelle Kabatsky speaking about her experiences with the CoreVia Pelvic Health program.
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