• Over the past 10 years, the number of recreational runners has significantly increased. Along with this rise in popularity, so has the number of running-related injuries. Saco Bay has several highly trained professionals to assess, analyze and assist in injury prevention and treatment and performance enhancement for runners.

    Running Evaluation - This head-to-toe evaluation will identify weaknesses or imbalances in your running form. After reviewing your injury and training history, we will examine the wear patterns of your shoes, your flexibility, strength, balance and gait mechanics. We will identify areas of concern and create a plan of action to help prevent future injuries and improve your performance.

    Video Gait Analysis (VGA) - This is a four-directional video recording of your walking and running posture. VGA not only allows for analysis of your running mechanics, but also identifies biomechanical deficits contributing to common running injuries. All runners will receive a personalized CD-ROM and running packet with exercises and drills based on your analysis.

    Training – Following your running evaluation and video analysis, a training program can be tailored specifically for you with the goal of correcting any areas of concern.

    Our clinicians help runners get back on their feet and to the finish line!