Golf Performance

  • Golf is a challenging, yet skillful game that takes hard work, patience and practice to excel. And while technological improvements in equipment have helped, golf professionals are investing in physical health now more than ever before. The best golfers in the world have made fitness an integral part of their game. If your body is not physically prepared, the probability of injury will increase. It is recommended to consult with a golf professional or physical therapist to prevent injuries due to poor biomechanics or lack of conditioning.

    Saco Bay's Golf Performance Program is unique in that your licensed physical therapist is also a certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Instructor and avid golfer. This combination of skills offers unparalleled insight into the physical limitations affecting the golf swing. Your physical therapist's experience working in orthopaedics and sports medicine, combined with TPI's programming, will provide you with a comprehensive, golf-specific physical examination and a customized strength and flexibility program specific to your needs.


    • Increased range of motion
    • Improved balance and coordination
    • Increased strength, flexibility and stability
    • Improved golf performance and posture