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  • June 13, 2018
    Personalized Orthopaedic Weight Reduction (POWR)...More than a weight loss program, it’s a lifestyle change. The POWR program can help you get back on track.

    Saco Bay Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy will help you lose weight and get healthier while improving your mobility and any lingering pain. POWR program participants will work one-on-one with a physical therapist on exercise instruction and nutritional support to help create long-term healthy habits.

    How it Works - The POWR program is incorporated into physical therapy sessions and addresses the nutritional aspect of weight loss. This process allows the physical therapist to treat orthopaedic conditions while helping participants lose weight to improve overall health and wellness.

    The POWR program is introduced during the first physical therapy appointment. At each additional appointment, the therapist reviews weekly food charts, educational handouts and performs weekly weigh-ins to track participant progress for support and accountability.

    Once orthopaedic conditions improve and the POWR program participant is discharged from physical therapy, he/she can continue the POWR program for weekly weigh-ins and review of food charts in order continue on the journey to meeting healthy lifestyle goals.

    Cost - The POWR program is covered by most insurance plans, but there is also a self-pay option. Contact us today for price points.

    For long-term weight loss results, it is recommended to continue with the POWR program after discharge from physical therapy.

    Contact Saco Bay today at 207.772.2625 for more information!